Business Consultant

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Business Consultant


Consultants are responsible for designing all aspects of a project that are related to the build-out of Marketo. 



A Projects: Ability to lead an A project from start to finish with no supervision from a Senior Consultant. 


B Projects: Team member with the Senior Consultant.  The Senior Consultant and Consultant run the onsite together and lead the Discovery Workshops.  Sharing responsibility for leading sections of the workshop.  When the workshop is over, the Consultant is responsible for the remainder of the project with minimal supervision from the Senior Consultant.


C Projects: The Consultant leads virtual build sessions.  They are not responsible for strategic aspects related to the project.


For A or B projects the ability to build in Marketo


  • Lead Scoring Model
  • Data Management Campaigns
  • Tags and Channels
  • Workspaces and Lead Partitions
  • Users and Roles
  • Segmentations
  • Asset and Data Migrations
  • Subscription Center
  • Marketing Best Practices
  • Governance strategy
  • Import Template(s)
  • Pre-flight checklist(s)



Lead discussions on the following topics for A and B projects:

  • DKIM and SPF
  • Corporate Whitelisting
  • Munchkin Code Deployment
  • CNAME and Branded Tracking Links
  • Native integrations including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics (assuming standard Salesforce and Dynamics setup)


Milestones for consideration to Senior Consultant:

  • Ability to mentor Associate Consultants, Consultants and external contractors/freelancers
  • Ability to manage customer’s expectations
  • Ability to lead B projects from initiation to project close
  • Ability to take a senior role in C projects
  • Ability to understand and talk about the technical aspects of projects (not necessarily implement them)
  • Understand and advise customers on industry best practices (marketing and marketing automation)
  • Development of a specialist skill set
  • Track record of meeting or exceeding utilization goals